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What is Uncut?

Uncut is a vibrant community where digital creators can showcase and mint their work on-chain for free. Every day, creators have the chance to be featured and rewarded through our Art of the Day contests. Join us and become a part of a rewarding AI-friendly artistic community.

Community Views

“Your team is amazing, what you're building is amazing. Your hard work and the support you give to the artists themselves does not go unnoticed by any of us.”

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Receive ArtX for every vote your art receives.

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Why Uncut is unique?
Why Uncut is unique?
AI-Friendly Community

The Uncut family rewards innovation, talent, and skill by embracing a wide variety of creators who are exploring traditional art tools, generative artificial intelligence, and everything in between.

Why Uncut is unique?
Daily Spotlight Opportunities

Unlike traditional NFT marketplaces where your work can get lost in the crowd, Uncut features daily Art of the Day contests. This guarantees regular opportunities for your work to be seen and valued.

Why Uncut is unique?
Secure and Free Minting

Your art is minted on-chain for free (WAX and Polygon for now), ensuring that your creations are securely stored and protected from unauthorized use.

Why Uncut is unique?
Engage and Earn More

Our XP system encourages ongoing participation. The more you engage with the community, the more $WAXP you earn, fostering a dynamic and rewarding environment.

Why Uncut is unique?
Artist-First Focus

Uncut is designed with artists in mind, focusing on showcasing talent rather than just selling NFTs. Our platform emphasizes artistic recognition and financial rewards, making it a place where creativity truly shines.

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